Our Partners


ASSIA, Inc provides broadband and Wi-Fi performance monitoring, management and optimization software to internet service providers (ISP), communications regulators, and wholesalers so they can improve customer quality of experience and satisfaction, reduce costs through operational efficiencies and increase revenues with new multi-media services.

RIX Industries

RIX Industries specializes in design & manufacture of gas generation systems,precision compressor solutions & cryogenic cooling technology.

Transcelestial Technologies

Transcelestial is a developer of wireless communication infrastructure intended to usher in high-speed connectivity from space. The company leverages communication technology and has developed a laser network to transfer and relay data for ground, satellite and deep-space applications, enabling clients to get robust and speedy network services around the globe.

Hengtong Group

Hengtong Group is an international enterprise with a diverse range of expertise covering optical fibre, power, marine and offshore cable, EPC turnkey service and maintenance, as well as internet of things, big data and e-commerce, emerging materials and new energy.


CAVIO is a provider of DC Power Solutions, Rectifiers, and Lithium Ion Batteries.


FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd. is an information and communication network products and solutions provider. Since its establishment in 1999, FiberHome has been devoted to the progress and development of global information and communications and accumulated profound understanding and creativity on information and communications.

Arista System Corporation

Arista System Corporation (Aristel) is a leading designer and manufacturer of telephone exchange switchboard and communication system. Aristel is proud to supply full range of cost-effective Key Telephone Systems, Emergency Call Intercom Systems, Nurse Call Systems and various related hardware and software peripherals to meet the requirement or expansion needs of the business users.

Vtech Telecommunications

Vtech Telecommunications is a provider of Wireless Monitoring Systems with Cordless Telephones. This cordless answering system uses advanced phone features with Ultra-Low Energy (ULE) sensors to monitor activity. Receive alerts if the garage door is open or movement is detected in the living room, for example.

Saint-Gobain Castings

Saint-Gobain PAM has been the leading expert in water supply pipelines with its range of ductile iron pipes, fittings, joints and accessories. It also supplies equipment for the municipal casting and building sectors, such as fire hydrants, manhole covers, valves, gully grates, and flange adaptors.

Lepin Group

Lepin is a telecommunication products manufacturer specialized in producing optical cable trays, wire mesh cable trays, steel cable ladders, aluminum cable ladders, ladder type cable trays, through type cable chute, cable fixers, and all the accessories.


PacketWorx® is a manufacturer of Intelligent Defensive security appliances, Network Routing & Switching equipment, IP PBX systems, Media Converters, Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), and general network communication equipment.


Fornetix is an advanced encryption management software company that recognizes the expanding necessity of effective and usable encryption technology for all security conscious enterprise or solutions providers.


Mimosa Networks is the leader in next-generation, Hybrid Fiber-Wireless fixed access broadband solutions.